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Rustic Elegance & Romance

The interior of the venue located in London for this wedding was a huge inspiration in the final look of the venue dressing and how I would style it. The medieval - exposed brick wall, the curvy ceiling and curvy windows and pillars was all part of how the theme of rustic, elegance and romance would create this wedding reception

Colour Palette was made of Ivory, creams, rustic caramel, a blush of coffee brown, a blush of teal.

We designed the chandeliers specifically for this event, with all the table overlays and sashes made of burlap fabric.

Working with the couple was a wonderful experience. They both knew very well what the theme involved, what they wanted and how they wanted it to look and it was easy to see it through. Their chosen venue was the beginning of the designing process. All 14 tables had low flower centrepieces and 8 of them had the ceiling

The cake sitting on crates was the focal point of the event. It was well balanced and the Bride and Groom cut their cake on the stand.

The yellow ambience of the live candles is what gave a warm lighting mood. Each table had 6 tea light candles (paired) that lasted for 6 hours.

What I loved was how the clients were so pleased with the outcome of their style that our team had pulled it through right to what they expected and more.

We were fortunate enough to start decorations the day before the wedding, and then we came the following day to do the finishing touches.

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